Breaking news plus events update

Dear all

This Blog will break all records for brevity (did I hear a sigh of relief?!). First, I am simply passing directly on to you a statement received late yesterday from the Save Chaucer Fields group.

strolling family

A family strolling on the fields, later summer 2012

1. Breaking news: Village Green Application

“The Village Green Application due to commence on Monday 18th March has been adjourned. This is because a request that we made to have all of our evidence (which dates back some 60 years) considered at the Inquiry, was challenged by the University. As a result KCC [Kent County Council] and The Inspector have decided that the point of disagreement should be determined before the Inquiry can proceed. The point of disagreement will be examined by The Inspector at a one day hearing at The Franciscan Study Centre on Monday 18th March, and her recommendation will be considered by KCC who will then set a new date for the Public Inquiry”

(source: email correspondence from Save Chaucer Fields group, 28 February 2013 )

So: please retain Monday 18th March as a date in your diaries to attend at the Franciscan Study Centre if you are able, and we await the setting of the date for the adjourned, full inquiry. So, it seems proceedings will not take place as planned for the rest of the week. At this moment in time I don’t feel sufficiently informed to offer any  commentary or interpretation. But when I know more, I’ll of course pass this on to you.

orange  cathedral january

Dover  Down Field Cathedral view  spring 2012

2. Events update

Second,  we hope to see as many of you as possible at the two upcoming community events:

  • The Save Chaucer Fields quiz, st Dunstan’s Church Hall, 7pm, Saturday 9th March (see below/SCF Facebook page for more information)

9 march 2013 SCF quiz

  • For the  musical event on Saturday 16th March I can now reveal some more information: Venue =  The Goods Shed  supported by: The Goods Shed management/Goods Shed restaurant/Murray’s General Store; Time =  2-3pm: Admission = No charge but opportunities to make donations for the SCF Fighting Fund: MusicRoystercatchers play traditional English tunes and dance music: Sustenance = subsidised refreshments from Murray’s General Store. There’s also all the other stuff the Goods Shed famously has to offer!

The diminutive lesser spotted woodpecker is sometimes see or heard around Chaucer Fields, although far less frequently than the greater spotted woodpecker or green woodpecker. (Image courtesy the Woodland Trust)

 Best wishes
Chaucer Fielder
Chaucer Fields Picnic Society

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