Picnic season

Dear all

A short Blog to remind you that the next CFPS picnic will happen soon! This informal, low key and relaxed gathering will take place on saturday 6th June, from 1pm onwards, at Dover Down field, chaucer fields. In what follows, you’ll find a reminder of what this is about, and some recent pictures from the fields.

hawketc tree1cropped

Its worth emphasising that the fields are always particularly brimming with natural life at this time of year. But this year it is especially  exciting to be able to include images of a new bird of prey who has been frequenting the fields in recent weeks –  an elegant Kestrel, pictured here on one of the Bushy Acres oaks. This means that anyone who frequents the field might now be lucky enough to catch sight of, or hear, three birds of prey: this kestrel; a sparrowhawk; or (at night) a tawny owl.

otherCFetc 403

So, back to the picnic.  This is, once again, a collaboration between the Chaucer Fields Picnic Society, the Abbots Mill Project and Canterbury Greenpeace, and is supported by the Save Chaucer Fields group  (see Blogroll, top right).

batch4 031

If you are a Facebook sort of person, go to https://www.facebook.com/AbbotsMillProject. And you can indicate your interest in this ‘event’ , see https://www.facebook.com/events/857699287634474/

batch4 304

Of course, many people use the fields for picnics at this time of year. But what this particular one aims to do is bring people together who otherwise might not sit down together  in common celebration of the unspoilt fields; offer some activities for the younger ones; give a chance to catch up on the latest developments about the fields’ situation, and what the future may hold; and provide some acoustic music for all.

batch5 071cr

So, in this  spirit there’ll be games and activities for children (although few new much encouragement to create their own fun in this environment!); a storyteller is expected; and as in previous years; a stage for local musicians to play and jam; and a chance to catch up on all the gossip and news about chaucer fields and the unspoilt southern slopes.

batch4 105

To finish, a few thoughts for the uninitiated:

  • the grass is long, and is not expected to be cut before the picnic! So do bring a blanket, camping chairs  etc to make yourselves comfortable
  • there’s always sharing of food and drink as well as the stories – so if you feel like do that, bring something interesting to eat of drink!
  • anyone can bring an instrument and play, or sing

otherCFetc 085

  • for the children, many activities don’t require any organisation or props at all , such as tree climbing, hide and seek and ‘it’.
  • …but why not bring some things along?  The long grass will make rounders and football etc impossible –  but some obvious alternative ideas are frisbees and kites.

batch5 012

Hoping to see you there!

All best

Chaucer Fielder

Chaucer Fields Picnic Society

hawketc tree2cropped


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