the potential despoilment of Chaucer Fields: Pictures louder than words

Dear all

A busy bank holiday weekend looms. I had intended to write some text, but have run out of time. So instead, I’ll just pass on one important piece of information, and leave you with two images. Sometimes, pictures can speak louder than words.

UCU-hosted meeting. As per previous CFPS Blog (and reported in this week’s Kentish  Gazette) this meeting will take place in Eliot college this coming thursday 10 may, 1-2pm. As the Blog noted, the exact venue is Eliot lecture theatre 2.  UCU have been asked to make sure there is good signage. Other parts of Eliot college are being used at this time for examinations. It is of utmost importance the students involved are not in any way distracted during this process: their futures are at stake.  Whether you are coming to the meeting from outside the University, or are a staff member or student already on campus, please be really careful to avoid making any noise or disturbance at all, before/during/after the meeting, anywhere near to the college.

Chaucer Fields: Unspoilt, google earth image (plus Heritage map labels)

Despoiled Chaucer Fields:  Google earth, superimposing ‘development’ information from Planning Application

The draft “Heritage map”  (see earlier Blog) gives a starting point for labelling some key features. Clearly, a single image or map cannot do justice to the level of environmental, amenity and heritage harm which would be  caused by the development on this (8-football-pitch size) site. We choose to highlight just two aspects.  First, how development would wipe out hedgerows. And second, the loss of some of the main pathways (including some which have been well trodden for over three centuries). The location of the proposed hotel, multi-storey accommodation blocks, roads, roundabout and car parks are shown in black ink;  threatened hedges using colour-coded arrows; and  main paths at risk as brown lines

Chaucer Fielder

Chaucer Fields Picnic Society