Eclipse and Save Chaucer Fields – Fundraising and Appeal

Dear all

A  short Blog: Chaucer Fields/The Southern Slopes were an obvious place for people, young and old, from the local and university communities, to congregate to attempt to view the partial solar eclipse today…..

partial eclipse day 203

Unfortunately, the weather was against us, a completely leaden overcast sky and poor visibility. But I thought I detected a darkening at around 9.30 nevertheless…. some photos interspersed here, with the actual eclipse conspicuous by its absence!

partial eclipse day 163

Also: please do now make a contribution to the SCF Fighting Fund if you possibly can. £6,000 is needed to cover the legal costs incurred in the Village Green Application, whose public inquiry hearing element was completed this week.

partial eclipse day 114

The level of funds being sought has been absolutely minimised –  thanks to the extensive, sustained pro bono contributions  of SCF’s brilliant barrister, Ned Westaway, and the volunteer support provided to him by the SCF committee. (In contrast, the University seems to have fielded not only their lead barrister, but also a supporting team of presumably fully paid professionals.)

partial eclipse day 182

The community have begun to give. But as SCF’s Facebook site reports, the amount raised to date is still well short of the target. And there are now only two days left for  you to make your mark on this fundraising effort. Please give now if you possibly can!

partial eclipse day 087

How? Here is the link to follow. Its really easy, and will only take a couple of minutes:

With thanks, and all best wishes

Chaucer Fielder

Chaucer Fields Picnic Society